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The roof in your house endures tremendous challenges throughout its lifetime. From fighting changing weather conditions to withstanding the test of time, it is only right that your roof receives the right kind of repair or maintenance that it needs in order for it to continue protecting your family and your entire home. Your roof is not only the main defense of your home against the elements, it is also a vital component of its overall value.

When it comes to repairing any roof problems, finding a reliable Pearland roofing contractor is everything. Roof repairs are not something that any homeowner should attempt to do on their own, no matter how simple the problem may appear. Besides a completely difficult job, it comes with some risks to safety as well. That is why any roofing job must be left to the professionals who have the training, expertise and skills essential to create excellent results.

Pearland Roof Repair has all the answers to your every roofing need. Whether it involves substituting damaged and missing shingles or replacing an entire roof, these professionals can manage to restore your roof into its perfect working condition. They have great experience working with all types of roofing systems for residential clients all over Pearland, Texas and can handle the maintenance aspect of your roof as well.

When you are unsure of where the problem of your roof is coming from, consulting these experts can provide you with a greater chance of preventing any small problem from developing into a costlier one.

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Comes to your Defense when your Roof is in Trouble

Having a home without a sturdy roof can make anyone feel uncomfortable and worried. You probably wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night thinking of the worse that could happen into your entire home if your roof gives up all of a sudden. This is why it is important for homeowners to be keen in determining the telltale signs of roof problems and the ways to address them.

Before the problem gets out of hand, it is essential that you keep an eye on these warning signs for your Pearland roofing:

  • The age of your roof. You are probably hoping your roof will last forever, but sadly, they don’t. On average, professionally installed roofs have a lifetime of up to 25 years. But because roofs are repeatedly subjected to extreme weather conditions, this number tends to reduce. Over time, signs of damage such as leaks start to manifest and one of the best ways a homeowner can do to extend the life of its roofing system is by hiring a professional to perform repairs and maintenance.
  • Curling shingles. These are an obvious indication of a damaged roof. This type of roofing problem can be seen around the roof edges. If curling becomes visible only a few years after your roof has been installed, then it could be a result of an improper roof installation.


  • When there are granules of shingles on your rain gutters. Rain gutters must be inspected on a regular basis, following the fall season and before winter sets in. Apart from removing debris and leaves that could be gathered in the gutter, homeowners should also check if there are pieces of shingles in the gutter which could indicate that the shingles are deteriorated and need to be replaced.


  • When daylight penetrates through the attic. Your attic should be one of the first parts of your home that must be inspected for any sign of roof damage. If you notice the daylight shining through your roof boards, then it is crystal clear that there is something wrong in the decking.


This should not be ignored as there could also be moisture in the insulation which indicates leaks that could compromise not only your roofing system but the other structures of your home.

  • When there are missing shingles. If you have recently experienced a strong storm, you should not miss checking the condition of your roof, even if it does not exhibit any signs of damage. There could be shingles missing on some parts of the roof that require immediate repair before another storm moves into your area and destroy the rest of your roof.
  • Algae and moss build-up. There are areas of the roof that do not get a lot of sunlight and they could encourage growth of moss. Not only that they can affect the appearance of your roof, they could also be bringing in a lot of other problems such as allowing moisture to leak, once they cause cracks in the shingles after freezing up in the winter.

When you notice dark streaks and other discoloration on your ceiling, it could be a sign that moisture has started seeping in on some sections of the roof. Have it checked by the professionals right away, to determine where the problem is coming from and to know the best remedies that would prevent the problem from growing worse.

Sometimes, our busy lifestyles prevent us from having the time to inspect our roof for any signs of problems. That is what Pearland Roof Repair is here for. They are committed in helping their clients achieve roof that is in perfect condition and reliable in keeping your home and your family safe and secure, no matter what the weather outside may be.

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Ways we can Help You

Because your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make in your life, you should do every step necessary in keeping it a reliable shelter for your family and your belongings. One of the ways to ensure this is to have an extremely durable roof.

But there comes a time when your roof starts leaking and you cannot seem to find where the problem is coming from. Also, you might not have the expertise to tackle the issue on your own. Hiring a professional Pearland roofing company entails a lot of great benefits that you could be refused if you insist on carrying out the repairs yourself.

Here are the best reasons why you should not hesitate in contacting Pearland Roof Repair when your roof becomes problematic.

  • They have the expertise. These residential roofing contractors possess the knowledge and expertise needed in roofing installation, repair, and maintenance. They can perform any roofing job safely and efficiently, given their hold of the latest technology, tools, and equipment.
  • They can perform roofing maintenance. Increasing the lifetime of your roof is possible through regular maintenance and that is another way professional roofers can help you. They can periodically examine all the sections of your roof so that any signs of damage can be detected and addressed right away.
  • They can remove debris that could be clogging your gutters. Debris removal sounds like an easy task but when you do not know exactly what you are doing, you could be compromising not just your roof but your safety as well. When you let the experts do this part of roof maintenance, you can expect for the job to get completed faster and any problem on the gutter can be identified as well.
  • They are licensed, bonded and insured. Roofing projects can be a very dangerous job that you cannot entrust it over someone who does not carry proper license, bond, and insurance. You definitely want to be involved only in a roofing contractor that has the certificates and license to offer their services. Moreover, they should also be insured so that if something unexpected happens, you won’t get yourself in trouble.
  • Their services are well worth your money. Admit it, roofing jobs are no cheap. You’ll have to be prepared of the cost that it entails. That is why you should not just hire any roofing contractor when you need your roof to be examined, installed, repaired or maintained. You should look for someone that is reputable, professional, insured and experienced in the field. They have a better edge of responding to your roofing problems.
  • They give you peace of mind. Because you are aware of their expertise, it makes you feel confident that the overall result of your roofing project would turn out to be something you expected from the start.

Pearland Roof Repair guarantees reliable and professional services all the time. They can come to your rescue, at any time of the day and anywhere in Pearland, Texas. When your roof leaks or when there are damages you want to be handled the right way, do not think twice of choosing these experts to address your roofing concerns. In no time, you will have your roof working perfectly once more.

Residential Composite Roof Shingles

Roofs can be made of diverse materials and they can be chosen according to your special requirements. Of all the roofing materials available in the market, composite roof shingles are considered to the most popular option among homeowners in the country that want to achieve stylish roof shingles without spending a fortune.

They are made from different types of materials to imitate the look of wood shake, clay tile, slate and asphalt and cedar shingles. They are referred to as a synthetic tile, roof shingles or wood shakes, offering an alternative to natural roofing materials. Among their advantages are durability, easy maintenance, and affordable cost.

Composite roof shingles are constructed from different formulations of fibers, plastic polymers, resins and dyes which all contribute to its durability and long lasting effect. In fact, they last longer than the real cedar shakes and tend to be much more affordable. Their durability can be proven when you walk on the surface and you never have to worry about breaking the shingles or putting stress onto the roof. This makes it easier for you to paint the roof, perform some simple maintenance and repair or clean the gutters.

When installed properly, they can last for up to 50 years.

Pearland Roof Repair can install and repair your existing composite roof shingles. When you want to replace your current roof with composite roof shingles to make it look stylish, you can benefit from the expertise and experience of Pearland Roof Repair in working with this type of roofing materials.

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